The main advantage and reason why Avelox is often used sildenafil for sinusitis of unexplained etiology (origin) or for mixed infection (including those caused by mycoplasmas and chlamydia) is explained by the fact that this drug has a wide spectrum of action and can produce in just a few days the necessary therapeutic effect.

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Sildenafil drug should not be used during pregnancy, sometimes it is used to treat sinusitis in children, but this requires serious indications.

Sildenafil also has enough drawbacks. The medicine is foreign to the body (as already mentioned, it is completely synthetic), therefore, allergic reactions and dyspeptic phenomena (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea) can often be observed. In addition to gastrointestinal motility, Avelox also affects the intestinal flora - it inhibits it and leads to the development of dysbiosis, to which secondary infections (for example, fungal sildenafil) are often attached.

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This is a topical antibiotic, which is available in the form of a nasal spray in 15 ml vials. Isofra (Framycetin) refers to aminoglycosides, which have a pronounced bactericidal effect. The antibiotic is actively used in clinical practice for the treatment of acute and chronic sinusitis, which are caused by aerobic bacteria (multiplying in an oxygenated environment) and anaerobes (developing in an oxygen-free space). However, the drug in clinical practice is used only intranasally, since it is recognized as a rather toxic compound (especially when it gets on the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract).

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At the same time, the antibiotic is almost not absorbed into the bloodstream, therefore it does not affect the functioning of the liver, stomach and intestines, does not cause a decrease in immunity and dysbiosis, and this allows the drug to be assigned a high place in the safety review.


The main advantage is the short course of treatment, which is 3-7 days. However, this duration of therapy does not in any way affect the effectiveness of Isofra. This remedy can be used both for the treatment of adults and for the treatment of sinusitis that arose in childhood.

The price of an antibiotic is 600 usd, which makes it a rather expensive drug. The disadvantages of using Isofra include the fact that this remedy does not affect pneumococci and streptococci, which are often the causative agents of prolonged sinusitis. Therefore, if symptoms do not improve after a week of use, another antibacterial drug will have to be prescribed. The cost of the medicine is 250 usd. here